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Cody with 3d Printing and Technology recently did an interview with Unassembled about being a Maker of Instagram. In the interview, Cody goes over how he got into 3D printing, his goals with sustainability, and his journey into starting his own business and growing on Instagram and Youtube. Click the link below for the full transcript.

Interview with Unassembled

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3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to processes used to create a three-dimensional object[1] in which layers of material are formed under computer control to create an object.[2] Objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and typically are produced using digital model data from a 3D model or another electronic data source such as an Additive Manufacturing File (AMF) file. Stereolithography (STL) is one of the most common file types that 3D printers can read. Thus, unlike material removed from a stock in the conventional machining process, 3D printing or AM builds a three-dimensional object from computer-aided design (CAD) model or AMF file by successively adding material layer by layer.

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